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"were did you get leather pants and imitate givenchy flannel. ill ask pic btw" C'mon man, are you telling me a plain red & blue flannel is "imitate givenchy"? See Frshkds, these are the type of people i'm talking about. Why do you answer them, why do you associate yourself with these faggots? (no intent to gays, i say faggots as an insult to people who don't know about fashion and say words like "my nigga" and think they're fashionable).I'm going to start posting these asks, i hope you read them

I read all your posts, 

it’s hard to answer them on Anonymous, because they will then be posted out to everyone ..

But I agree with you.. This Tartan pattern originates from like the 18th century .. I know exactly what you mean about these type of people who blur the lines between high fashion and street fashion ..

This can sometimes be a good thing, So we really should not discriminate… and those who are simply followers will always be a step behind those who are inventive and creative with their style, and have a higher vision..

I wouldn’t mind talking to you personally since I think you have some good understanding, and as I said, it is really hard to reply to your messages which are Anonymous..

but thanks!

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