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im trying to get a givenchy rottweiler shirt. but how could you tell if it's authentic or not? they all look so identicle

- Print quality, much more detailed, Real looks more like a painting, Replica looks more like an iron-on, Key points of detail.. Eyebrows, Cheek fur, and Neck fur

- Sizing (Print should be nice and centered and positioned well, not close to the Neck, and not close to the Hem, and they are Regular Fit tee’s, true to size mostly

- Cut should be as Givenchy intended, if it doesn’t look right on the persons body, it’s not legit..

- T-Cross Stitching at the back, goes all the way to the bottom 

- Neck Ribbing is quite nice and firm, should not lose shape / proportion easily, and will sit well on persons neck ..

- Colouring , the browns and orange blending in the Rottweiler were really nice and detailed.. look out for Redish/Orangish tones that are not blended as well

- Also beware, if someone offers you one, “new with tags” it’s likely not legit..
These were released FW 2011 which was a year or so ago now, and they all sold out very quickly.. Your only chance to get FW 2011 at this stage is pre-owned most likely 

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